Thursday, May 21, 2015

Getting my schtick together

Schtick is not what it sounds like. I even looked it up  - to make sure.

Getting your schtick together is really like getting your act together, whether it's house cleaning, business planning, vaudeville routining, etc.  

I bet David Letterman is starting to get his schtick together about retirement planning right now.

I'm getting my schtick together on a number of levels actually. First, in getting back to this blog, which took a backseat to for a few delightful years. After that ran its titled course I decided it was too Internet intrusive to blog every nook and cranny of my beautiful grandson's world. So, except for a comment here and there about this and other-than-that ( the last being Robin William's death), mommyofthebride faded (if there is such a thing as virtual fade).

It's about time I got back to my original blog, Late Bloomer, and gave it a new focus. New, of course, implies it had one already - though I'm still not sure what that was. Which may have been part of the non-sustaining problem.

Anyway, the new and improved Late Bloomer  will mostly  follow my schticking - on a second level. A new project, a book, a biography about a woman I am fascinated with. Though I can't identify her yet, this blog will start by focusing on the process and the side stories I don't want to forget along the writing way. If you feel like reading along, follow me through  her life-storying (as Herminone Lee,  Virginia Woolf's biographer, calls it.). 

Meantime, I'm feeling a bit like David Letterman this morning, as we both get caught up in our new schticks. (Love that word!) What might you be getting your schtick together about? (There, I got to say it again!)

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